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Please give this page a few seconds to fuel up for the trip.
The demos need to load before we pull away from the curb.


Fins - Jimmy Buffet

A band worth hiring is one that plays songs that everyone in the audience loves. Even if you've never heard this Jimmy Buffet classic before, we think you'll love our version of it. Jimmy epitomizes sing-along just plain fun music about a carefree lifestyle. We took this tune to a whole new level for any Parrotheads in the audience by making it a swing tune and featuring a true summer fun instrument with Ron on ukulele.

Southern Cross - Crosby, Still & Nash

Harmony is the difference between good bands and great bands. While we may not be great just yet, we like to think our harmonies are heading down the right highway. We took the southern CSN off ramp for this tune. Go ahead and add a fourth note right above Dave's, (if you can hit a note that high without hurting yourself), while you're riding in the back seat of our cab.

Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

Everyone has a favorite song from their youth. For Ron and I this was a Holy Grail. Quirky and unique, this was a song that we never had a chance to play in previous groups because it wasn't danceable. Although you can dance to some of the tunes on our in-dash cab radio, that isn't the focus for Call Us A Cab, so we chose to finally rerelease this song for the world to enjoy. What do you think? Let us know.

Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

Those of you who never listen to country will think "Darius who?" Those who listen to pop/rock radio will recognize the name as the lead singer known as Hootie in the BlowFish. This tune began its life as a Bob Dylan snippet from Pat Garrett & the Kid and will live in our repertoire for years to come. Mike had to pull his banjo out of the trunk when he put your luggage in for the ride, so we decided to let him play it during your ride from the airport.

King Of The Road - Roger Miller

One of the joys of being a musician is watching someone's eyes light up when you play a song that they have always loved, but haven't heard played by a live act in a very long time (if ever). King Of The Road meets that criteria for a lot of people. When Roger first got to Nashville, country legend Chet Atkins even loaned him a guitar when he found out Roger didn't have one. Although Roger's more traditional songs are still recorded by country greats like Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn, he is probably best known for his honky-tonk novelty songs like Dang Me and Chug-a-Lug. We think you'll enjoy hearing this classic and more great country the next time we see you.

Stray Cat Strut - The Stray Cats

Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats is more than just a very cool rockabilly entertainer, he's a guitar legend with tasteful licks embellishing all his songs. We love this tune for some of the quirky tinkering we've done with it. First, a lot more harmony was screaming to be heard, just like that cat on the fence. And speaking of that cat, Mike keeps a sheep in his backyard, so the sound you hear when we play it may not be "meow." Also, the song was begging us to let Dave take off on a Bass Guitar solo, so we obliged. After all, the bass doesn't get the respect it deserves as the true backbone in any alley fight.

Rock This Town - The Stray Cats

Yeah, we know. Two songs from the same group is not typical demo fare. But this song is such a great road trip tune, we had to include it. So stop making out in the backseat and grab that passenger next to you and start dancing. We'll open the sunroof to make it easier to complete that amazing "swing your partner over your shoulder and then slide her through your legs Bandstand move."